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Meet our Studio Monitors


Angela Bernabeo


Hello!  My name is Angela, and I’m a senior at Baruch majoring in Computer Information Systems and minoring in New Media Arts.  When I entered Baruch, I discovered the New Media Arts minor and knew it would be a perfect fit.  I am excited to expand on my web art knowledge and also explore other areas of NMA like game art and interactive art. A huge interest of mine is User Experience Design because I love the idea of making interfaces with the users’ needs as the main focus.  I enjoy using Adobe Creative Cloud apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and XD.  If you feel that you can’t fully express yourself or your creativity in your current major, I highly recommend minoring in New Media Arts and visiting the studio for more information or just to chat :).

Bryan Campaña


Hey there, my name is Bryan Campaña. I’m a Graphic Design and New Media Arts Alumni. I’m interested in film and digital photography, video art and web design. I’m also interested in ceative technology, and I love learning new software and experimenting with digital media. Lastly, I’m interested in collaborative art and often work with other creatives on projects.

Olivia Pan


Hi there, my name is Olivia Pan, and I am a Junior at Baruch. My major is Accounting, minoring in New Media Arts. I enjoy gaming, specifically open-world and puzzle games. I’ve always been passionate about illustration, photography, and video editing, making NMA the perfect minor for me. Keep in mind that the NMA minor encompasses much more than what I’ve mentioned! If you’d like to stay in touch with your artistic roots while learning new software, NMA is the way to go!

Allison Lai


Hello, my name is Allison Lai, and I’m a Junior at Baruch, majoring in Accounting, and minoring in New Media Arts. My interests include drawing, gaming, and the occasional instrumental music session. I know a bit about video editing software such as Premiere Pro, and audio applications like GarageBand. I just started learning about all the additional programs NMA has to offer so forgive me if I might not have an answer you’re looking for. We can learn together and just have fun creating art! :)

Julio Ramirez


Hello! My name is Julio Ramirez, and I’m a senior at Baruch majoring in Marketing Analytics and minoring in New Media Arts. I have also  completed an Associate Degree in Science in Digital Marketing. I’m very passionate for photography and filmmaking and when I found out about New Media Art I thought that NMA would be a perfect field for me to get more involved in. When it comes to learning software's and putting creativity together, count me in! As a photographer and filmmaker, I use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere Pro as my main and favorite softwares even though I’m open to learn many more.

Jafrin Uddin


Hi everyone! I’m Jafrin, and I’m currently a senior here at Baruch College, majoring in Marketing Management, with a focus in Advertising Development, and minoring in New Media Arts. I’ve decided to pursue this kind of career in hopes of tying in my love and interest for Graphic Design and Video Editing in the future. Joining the New Media Arts studio is my attempt to learn and experience all kinds of software usage and creative ideas through our other monitors and you guys. I hope we can grow and learn together in the coming semesters!

Fariha Rahman


Hi there! My name is Fariha, I’m a senior at Baruch majoring in Business Communication, with a specialization in Corporate Communication, and minoring in New Media Arts. I’ve always been interested in art, photography, video editing, and graphic design. Once I took NMA 2050 with Fabian, I knew the New Media Arts minor was the one for me! I love working on creative projects through Adobe, Canva, and IbisPaint. I’m not an expert therefore I look forward to learning new skills with new software and other ways to create. If you’ve been wanting to dive into the digital world of art then I highly recommend the New Media Arts minor and studio!

Melissa Vo


Hey! I'm Melissa Vo and I'm currently a senior at Baruch College majoring in Marketing Management and minoring in New Media Arts. When I was a child, I had a passion for fine arts, especially painting. As I grew up that passion eventually evolved into creating artwork with new media. Right now I love making videos, and I'm also a big fan of creating art through code. As of right now I've created several works with HTML/CSS and p5.js, but I'm also interested in learning more languages. I love helping others with their projects, so if you ever need help, don't be shy and just reach out!

Jessica Lian


Hello, my name is Jessica. I am a senior, majoring in Marketing Management and minoring in New Media Arts at Baruch. I love to create digital artworks and animations using apps like Procreate and FlipaClip. I also enjoy picture taking of the places around me and the foods I eat. I hope to become an inspiring artist and to share my stories through film, video, and illustrations. Before I found out about New Media Arts, I’ve always wanted to find the right space for me to explore my creativity and wonders. As I discovered New Media Arts, I began to see the power of the digital world where everyone of us can explore and express ideas beyond pen to paper. If you are also looking for a place to blossom your creativity and interests, why not start here with me on this journey to explore the New Media Arts? I look forward to the very special stories you have to tell through the arts you can learn to create!

Nishat Farhana

Hi! My name is Nishat. I am a senior at Baruch College, majoring in Computer Information Systems and minoring in New Media Arts. I enjoy experimenting with things and just “tinkering” away or putting things together like LEGOs. This is what led me to pursue the Computer Information Systems major, where I can code and come up with different projects and also put creative ideas together as well. Some languages I am currently working to build my knowledge on are Python, SQL, and HTML/CSS. I have worked on some projects with HTML/CSS. Well aside from that, can I say I’m a doodler? I like doodling random things, especially manga-styled eyes. Although, I’m not that great at it but I think sometimes they can come out with interesting personalities. As a studio monitor, I am looking forward to helping out students with their ideas and projects. I have worked with Premiere Pro for a few projects, but I am not the best at it and have a lot of improvements to make. Even so, if you ever need help brainstorming for your next project, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Previous Monitors

Evelyn Chat

Hey everyone! I’m Evelyn Chat and I’m a upper senior majoring in Advertising and Marketing and minoring in New Media Arts. I grew up loving how to edit videos and create content; and I also have my own Youtube channel @evelynchat where I post vlogs and travel videos! Besides that, I love to eat, watch movies/shows and cook. I’m hoping to learn more on how to use camera equipments and After Effects through this experience :)

Molonie Rishilakram


Hey there! My name is Molonie, and I am a rising junior at Baruch majoring in Marketng Management and minoring in New Media Arts. After taking NMA 2050 with Fabian, I became intrigued in learning more about media creation through Adobe software such as premium, photoshop, and after effects. More specifically, I found interest in filming and editing videos through premium based on different concepts. As I am still exploring, I hope to continue to grow and learn more through the New Media Art studio with like-minded cohorts and fellow students! For this coming academic year, I plan to actively learn about the relationship between web design and graphic communication, and create expressive videos. Cannot wait to meet and see everyone’s stories through their digital works!

Rassu Shrestha


Hello, my name is Rassu Shrestha. I'm a Senior here at Baruch majoring in Computer Information Systems, focusing on Data Analytics and minoring in New Media Arts and Marketing. As someone who loves creating content, I enjoy video editing using apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and Adobe Animate. I recently also got into game design using software like Unity, Blender, and P5js. I heavily depend on my Ipad, and one app I suggest every iPad user/new media creator has is ProCreate. Thank me later. I'm fluent in Nepali and English but can speak broken Hindi if need be.